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Ginger (Adrak)

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Green teas are whole leaf organic green teas and it contains caffeine.

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Rs. 299.00 Rs. 249.00
Kahwa tea is an amazing combination of delicious taste, aroma and a bunch of health benefits. Trad..
Rs. 299.00 Rs. 199.00
Moringa tea is fast becoming a popular choice among 'health freaks' and the drink is also said to ha..
Rs. 299.00 Rs. 225.00
Trilicious Slimming Tea is a fabulous combination of naturally effective and safe herbs with green t..
Rs. 299.00 Rs. 199.00
Tulsi Ginger Green Tea is a remarkable combination of sacred Tulsi leaves and every Indian’s favouri..
Rs. 299.00 Rs. 199.00
Tulsi has a remarkable heritage of restorative powers and stress-relieving properties. Lemongrass is..
Rs. 284.76 Rs. 189.52
Tulsi Green Tea is a combination of Green Tea and Tulsi, also known as holy basil. Almost grown in e..
Rs. 299.00 Rs. 199.00
Purify yourself with this long leaf loose green tea. Its long leaves brim with anti-oxidants in ever..
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