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Our Story

It all began, or rather, was concretized with our own recurring cravings for delicious, soothing, warm tea hugs. As a family which has always ran on tea (no really, cannot imagine functioning in the morning without it!), we realize the importance of a hearty cup of tea and how its aromas travel far and wide to reach every Indian household – truly making it feel like home.

Without any second thoughts, in no time we found ourselves brainstorming to bring this brand to life, to share our fondness and devotion with you as it felt like our true calling. We at Treelicious curate a selection of leaves and handcraft all of our blends with a lot of love, care, precision and freshness to serve you the homey, flavorful experience we begin our days with. 

Our mission doesn’t end at appealing to your taste buds – we care deeply about your overall well-being, and in that respect, spare no effort to provide you with a tea drinking experience that is as natural and nourishing as it gets, for both your body and mind. J