Tulsi Whole Leaf Green Tea 70 Gms

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Tulsi is a great healer mixed with Green tea which is rich in antioxidants ,helps in improving metabolism and burn fat. Sipping Tulsi green tea is de-stressing also effective in healing certain respiratory illnesses such as cold and flu.

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Tulsi Green Tea is a combination of Green Tea and Tulsi, also known as holy basil. Almost grown in every household, Tulsi is considered to be an effective tonic for both mind and body. Sipping green tulsi tea can definitely help you in a number of ways. Right from balancing your senses to strengthening your immunity to providing great skin to dissolving kidney stones, Tulsi is one of the most important tonics that our body needs. 'Queen of herbs' or tulsi is well known for its medical uses and is also blessed with therapeutic powers. Right from the leaves to stem to flower to root, different parts of tulsi have been recommended for curing various ailments. It is also helpful in shedding the extra weight which you have gained and you have been spending lavishly on those expensive weight loss methods and treatments. Thus, You can definitely rely on Green Tulsi tea for these health benefits.

  • STRESS RELIEVER : It helps in keeping the body calm and maintain the stress hormone of the body called cortisol
  • WEIGHT LOSS : Tulsi helps us in shedding the extra weight naturally and helps in burning those extra fats
  • COUGH & COLD STAYS AWAY : Drinking green Tulsi tea can help in keeping cold and cough at bay
  • TULSI QUEEN OF HERBS: More benefits are like it Improves Hair & Skin, Maintain Dental & Oral Health, Relieves Headache & Fever.
  • 70 Gms of Green Tea packed in Air Sealed Zipper Pouches to ensure that the flavor, aroma & character of the tea are preserved at all times. Makes 35 Cups of Tea.

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